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Change To The Youth  

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CHANGE! CHANGE!! CHANGE!!! That's all we must do.

Change is what makes us grow through transformations, which modify the way we live. Change is a revolutionized expression or action that helps us to adjust and amend problems. Many people fear change, yet the fact is change is your best friend. The only way change can hurt you, is you allowing the emotions to take control and continuing fearing change.

People, who cannot accept change, often resort to bad habits, such as alcoholism, drugs, smoking, prostitution, crime, promiscuous behaviors, and so forth. All of these bad habits lead to poor health, death, and misery.


The problem reaches far and wide, since those who cannot accept change reflect their behaviors on others. The saying, "Misery loves company," is more factual and you realize.

Live Longer Plan
 is an important aspect here and I felt that there should be more treatment on the subject.

Accordingly if you want to live longer, healthier, and happier you have to turn those bad habits into good habits and continue living in harmony with the change. The fact is you're going to go through problems in life. Problems are unavoidable. You cannot escape problems. You have to learn to live with problems, grow with problems, and except change.

One of the leading problems why people cannot accept change is that down through the century's lies, miscommunication, and misunderstandings has made people believe that change is an enemy. To help you better understand change, we can give you up you helpful tips, so that you can transform your mind until positive direction. When you live a positive life, i.e. when you think positive you reflect sheer energy that brings in rewards.

Tips for relating to change:
Change is a switch, which buttons are hit. We call them triggers. Change challenges or threatens the emotions, yet the underlying cause is due to how the person perceives the change.


The change is a substitute or replacement for what I once knew, I will live and grow with it.

When the emotions are scared, or challenged the person will often act out in anger, or express pessimistic thoughts, or may feel anxious, nervous, and panicky. Often when change occurs a person will act out negative, since that is the nature of life.