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The youths are dying rapidly in our generation more than ever; African Death Rate (ADR) accounts that average of 37% youth, 42% old and 21% children dies daily in African Country. Research has shown that we decide when to die and what will kill us, but reverse is the case that a youth will not suffer for any ill nowadays before death.

Ever Young Always Healthy (EYAH) has organized and created this site to help the youth and the young youth (children) who want to live above their age grade to learn how to do so.

We advise you the viewer or visitor to stop what-so-ever you are doing now and concentrate to some words and advise we will give you which will enable you live more than your age grade. You will not only live more than your age grade but will also live a healthy life.

Please do whatsoever you will read in this site and pray for the help of the Almighty God to stick to whatsoever you will determine after going through some pages in this site.

God help you……… *****AMEN*****