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EYAH is a non-profitable organization that believes they can minimize the number of death rate of youths and young alike in African Continent.

 The organization was found by a Nigerian male youth named EYAH, Michael Nchedochukwu, when he was 21, on the 14th day of March, 2010.
Since then, Michael has been seriously making researches on how to save the youth from the wicked hands of premature death. He believed he had successfully found some interested words which he agreed are the agents of premature death and how to fight them.

EYAHorganization wants you to live longer as God has made you to live. Please don’t ever play with whatsoever you will learn from this site, remember “he who never know what will keep him alive will equally knows not what will take his life”, so if you fail to plan long life, you are equally not qualify to live long.
Chose how long you want to live, pray over it, plan over it, think about it regularly and always say to each morning “I want to live long, I will not die today” and you will see the wonders of believing.

If you really want to live Healthier and Younger click Health & Young

Click on contact us link for questioning on how to life long and avoid unexpected death? We will answer you without asking for capital. Please we want you to live with us, don’t die young and never hesitate to contact us through mail when necessary.  

You too can join this organization for save the youth to help us reach the world through you; subscription is free and will ever be. To subscribe click on subscribe link.